Cloud Solutions

Companies have traditionally installed telephone systems and applications with hardware and software hardware located in their data centers. Cloud Computing (which is also often called "Hosted" or "Software As A Service") is a new option in which the applications (such as contact center and IVR) are located in secure data centers where the carriers and vendors take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them. This allows a businesses to reduce their IT costs by freeing up their team to work projects that enhance their competitive position, instead of updating software and applying patches to keep their VoIP infrastructure running and secure. In addition it is easier to budget because the cost per user is defined, so it gives businesses the flexibility to rapidly increase or decrease their size.

cloud solutions

What is a CloudTalk Hosted PBX?

Our CloudTalk Hosted PBX is effectively a phone system in the "cloud". We utilize the Internet to provide connectivity between client location(s) and our centralized/CloudTalk hosted system. This method, while similar in terms of features and applications, is distinct from traditional digital systems, and even newer VoIP platforms. CloudTalk Hosted services are sourced by the service provider, so there are a number of advantages including reduced upfront costs, less hardware, and reduced maintenance.

CloudTalk CloudTalk is very effective connecting multiple offices (irrespective of size) together as well as remote workers who may be located anywhere in the world. Administration is simple and browser based via your own customer portal that not only allows you to make changes, but review call accounting records, bills, etc. You can block incoming annoyance calls as well as block individual outbound numbers. These are just some of the advantages of CloudTalk

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