Frontrunner Network Systems specializes in delivering WiFi, IP Physical Security, Access Control, and Mass Notification systems to K12 Districts, Colleges and Universities across New York State and Chicago, Il. Our systems are designed specifically to overcome the challenges that district and campus environments face everyday.

Better Education Through WiFi

WiFi "hotspots" and laptop carts no longer cut it. Students, faculty, staff and visitors demand high quality WiFi coverage everywhere they go. (video)

K12 WiFi Drivers

  • State Mandated Online Testing: Fast approaching NYS and will drive the demand for density coverage - Large number of students in the same room all accessing the network at the same time
  • BYOD: Students, teachers, administrators and guests are armed with an arsenal of personal WiFi enabled devices, all vying for bandwidth
  • Guest Management: Seamlessly provide parents, friends and relatives with instant internet access, while securing sensitive district resources

College & University WiFi Drivers

  • Dorm Life: Students entering college today are Digital Natives and DEMAND the same amenities for their dormitories that they have at home. This means high availability WiFi capable of online gaming and streaming HD video
  • Outdoor Availability: Campus quads are an extension of the classroom
  • Lecture Halls: Supply fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage to hundreds of laptops and tablets at once
  • Remote access to geographically disperse buildings: Connect disparate buildings with Wireless Point-Point Networks at blazing fast speeds. No more expensive underground cable runs or disruptive campus construction

Securing Your Classroom and Campus Environments

IP Physical Security

Combine crystal clear HD video with intuitive management tools and powerful analytics to create a pro-active campus security system

  • Video Management Systems: Add intelligence to your security system - Set event triggers, archive events, tag suspicious activity
  • HD Video Quality: Capture the highest level of detail
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR): Know who's on your campus, secure parking lots and manage parking policies in a fraction of the time
  • Get more our of Your Security Investment: Record sporting events, stream live performances over the internet and more

IP Access Control Systems

  • Remotely Monitor: Monitor access control systems to all campus buildings and facilities remotely from your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet
  • Supervise: Track truancy and inappropriate access attempts
  • Automate: Campus lock-down during elevated threat levels and emergency situations

Mass Notification

Communication with your students, faculty and staff VIA Voice, SMS Text, Digital Signage and Desktop Monitor Messaging

  • Emergency Notification: Quickly and efficiently alert students, staff and visitors to emergency situations on campus
  • Stay in Touch: Maintain alumni relations, inform parents of upcoming events, notify students and teachers of school closings
  • Acknowledgment: Receive confirmation that your message has been delivered