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The challenge both large and small organizations face when planning their leap into wireless is balancing the freedom of mobility with security and manageability.

Frontrunner has partnered with leading manufacturers of WLAN technology to bring our customers Wi-Fi solutions that are flexible enough to provide the easy to access wireless network end -users expect, while maintaining the security your business demands.

Cut ties with legacy wired connectivity and Experience the Freedom of Wi-Fi Today's businesses are more mobile than ever before and, as a result, innovative wireless services and applications are critical in helping companies maintain agility. We no longer think of wireless internet as a luxury in our personal lives, we demand it everywhere we go. Is your organization thinking about wireless? Your competition is.

Wi-Fi Design Services

Design is the most critical part of any successful wireless project. Variables such as building type, sources of interference, traffic density and square footage are just a few examples of what we will take into consideration to define your final network configuration. The end result is a precise configuration and you will have an in depth understanding of the total end-to-end solution.

Our Wireless Networks Support

  • Wi-Fi Phones
  • Laptops/Tablet PC's
  • Printers
  • iPads Streaming HD Video Conferencing
  • Other Wi-Fi Devices

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